Metal Products

Homale Kougyousho Co., Ltd.

Homale Kougyousho Co., Ltd.
〒386-0033 Gosho 133-1, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture
TEL 0268-22-7826
FAX 0268-23-8760
Akiyuki Sakato
Business Activities
All stages from preparation of drawings to design and manufacture of gravity molds, low-pressure casting molds, metal molds, and press molds Product shape modeling, preparation of NC fabrication data, and manufacture of various fabrication jigs Weld repairs and modifications to metal molds, engraving of text on metal molds
Company PR
A highly innovative company, holding the trust of our customers for 40 years while creating leading edge technology in the field of metal molds on a daily basis
Manufacture and assembly design of metal molds for medium and large-sized components of bicycles, motorcycles, buildings, and heavy machinery etc. Deep machining using electrodes 3D modeling and preparation of precise NC data for items with complex partings Input and output of interactive data from a variety of CAD data
Main Equipment
1 MAKINO V56 high speed machining of work up to 900×550×450 x 1
2 MAKINO NC milling machine for work up to 800×500×400 x 1
3 MAKINO NC milling machine for work up to 700×400×350 x 1
4 MAKINO NC milling machine for work up to 800×500×400 x 1
5 MAKINO DNC43 spark discharge machining equipment for work up to 700×60×200 x 1
6 Fuji Manufacturing shot blasting equipment for up to 600 diameter x 1
7 Panasonic argon gas welder