Plastic Products

Tokuden KK

Tokuden KK
〒386-0407 Nagase 3183, Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture
TEL 0268-42-3134
Kazuo Horiuthi
Business Activities
Manufacture of bobbins for electrical wire, optical fiber, and other fibers, and plastic drums to replace wooden drums for communication cable All stages from bobbin design to manufacture of metal molds, product manufacture, and sales handled in-house
Company PR
Using special materials and its own unique technology in the manufacture of plastic drums with a strength comparable to steel and weight similar to the conventional wooden product, while ensuring freedom from rust and corrosion
Manufacture of metal molds, and injection molding, of plastic bobbins
Main Equipment
Injection molding equipment 850t x 1
Injection molding equipment 660t x 1
Injection molding equipment 640t x 1
Injection molding equipment 360t x 12
Injection molding equipment 280t x 2
Injection molding equipment 260t x 2
Injection molding equipment 180t x 1
Extruders x 2
Crusher x 1
Large spin welders x 3
Bobbin welders x 4
Ultrasonic welders x 4
Mixer x 1
Simple NC facing lathe x 1
Tension testing equipment x 1
Finishing equipment x 1
Milling machines x 4
High speed lathe x 3
Facing lathe x 1
Discharge machining equipment x 3
Polishers x 2
Radial drill press x 1
Drill presses x 3