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Nissei ETC Co., Ltd.

Nissei ETC Co., Ltd.
〒386-1105 92-10 Yoshida, Ueda-shi, Nagano-ken
TEL 0268-25-6161
FAX 0268-27-8799
URL http://www.nissei-etc.co.jp
E-mail info@nissei-etc.co.jp
Makoto Nishizawa
Business Activities
●Coil Operation Division  Manufacture and develop coils for DC motors, stepping motors, solenoid and so on. ●Environment Division Improve the environment of work and house, and develop, sell, construct various heat insulating materials.
Company PR
・We are good at the difficult winding such as fully aligned multilayer wound, extra fine wire wound, etc. In addition we can also correspond aire core, Alpha, edgewise winding. We coat thin film powder in motor and correspond from prototype to mass production. ・We suggest to improve the environment heat insulation coating of roof and processing glass fiber
Main Equipment
26 Nittoku NC winding machines
12 Nittoku twist machines
NC Inner widing machines
5 NC outer winding machines
2 thin film powder coating machines
6 fusing machines
2 Alfa winding machine
Edgewise winding machine
NC air core winding machine
4 single spindle winding machines
Heavy Line winding machine
5 IPS IPS Terminal driving machines
10 Taping machines
High-definition microscope
NICON Industry microscope
Blasting machine