Electrical Machinery

Horiuchi Electronics Co., Ltd. Ueda Head Office

Horiuchi Electronics Co., Ltd.  Ueda Head Office
〒386-1321 241 Hoya, Ueda-shi, Nagano-ken
TEL 0268-38-5171
FAX 0268-38-5173
URL http://www.horiden.com/
E-mail sales@horiuchielectronics.co.jp
Nobuo Hasegawa
Business Activities
Sell our products such as laser maker, various robots, component mounting and assembling on printed boards, and assemble parts in clean room
Company PR
We are aiming to “be a manufacturer which develop the products that anticipate customers needs, manufacture the certain products and deliver to users.”
Develop, design, manufacture, sell the labor-saving machines used in the fields of FA. Process using laser, marking, laser application products and screw tightening such as soldering, board split, etc. Component mounting of printed board, aseembling work.
Main Equipment
2 Optical laboratory tables
10 Laser power meters
1 Laser aging equipment
1 Beam profiler for check beam shapes
20 Test equipment such as laser markers 
Fast chip mounter 11 lines
26 various multi-functional implemented equipments
Appearance, image inspection equipment
1 BGA exchanger
2 X-ray inspection apparatus
Clean room(class 10000) 350㎡